Carlasade and the woman of today

Almost all of us women go out of our way for design trends, we love makeup, clothes, bags, shoes… anything that helps us feel and look more beautiful in the midst of our daily lives and the multiple roles we assume.

We work, study, play sports, take care of our home and family, add whatever you want according to your reality but I’m sure that like me, you love to look great.

Precisely because of these different roles we live different situations, we want to look good and we know that a great and spacious bag, beautiful boots, a practical backpack, or an elegant jacket, among others.

They can make a difference in any moment of our life.

We also want quality, beauty, durability, and of course many colors and different models to choose from.

How we enjoy doing it!

That’s why, today, we are happy to count on Carlasade, spanish designers of great renown in the leather goods sector, first for their great experience in the manufacture of handbags, handmade wallets, boots, jackets.

Then, because a team of professionals trace the new design trends considering our demands as consumers, bringing as a result, current products and made with leather of excellent quality, this translates for us in durability.

And it is not only that their articles last longer, remember, they are also beautiful and unique because they are handmade in an artisanal way.

So, if you have not yet seen the Carlasade catalog, do not hesitate and do it now, I assure you that you will be amazed with its variety of products, designed and made for women like us.