We are women and most of us love fashion: clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories… but without fear of being wrong, I think we are all fascinated by handbags, that’s why we started collecting them since we were little girls.

Just as many men love cars and soccer, many of us are fascinated by collecting handbags and purses.

Because handbags are not just another accessory, even when we go out without them we feel naked.

Besides, as body language expert Judi James said, it only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression, and we want to make the best one.

That first look is influenced by aspects such as our way of speaking and our facial expression, but also by our clothes, makeup, hairstyle, and accessories, among them there is one that always stands out: the handbag.

And how we love designer handbags!

That’s why today’s busy working woman, who always wants to look good and feel self-confident, turns to manufacturers like CarlaSade.

CarlaSade is a Spanish designer brand that offers more than just great handcrafted handbags and wallets, and practical and beautiful backpacks, it offers a lifestyle that responds to our different needs.

Because each of our bags is handmade by expert craftsmen who take the utmost care of the quality and finish of our products.

The details and the softness of the leather in its touch confirm this proximity to our consumers.

Beauty, elegance, quality, durability and variety of colors and designs, that is Carlasade, the best in handbags.