piel de vacuno

Leather is an elegant, versatile and durable material that many people choose when using different garments due to its properties and beauty, the cowhide gives important benefits to various products, making leather a trend.

As we all know, leather is made from cowhide or cowhide, which is processed through treatments such as tanning, in order to stop the decomposition process and take full advantage of the animal skin.

The cowhide is usually the most used at the time of manufacturing various garments or accessories, not only for its quality but also because it is acquired more easily because in many cases it is used from animals that will be consumed.

Cowhide leather has several properties that make it suitable for the manufacture of handbags, as well as clothing, hats, belts, wallets and footwear.

It is thicker and more resistant so it will be less prone to breakage than that of another animal.

Handmade bags made with cowhide leather are usually flexible, breathable, ductile and can be dyed or left with its natural finish.

They are durable, by this we mean that their aging is good and can last much longer than other types of material.

piel de vacuno

According to the type of skin, there is a classification called whole flower, which has well-defined characteristics.

This part of the cowhide must be of good quality and present the least amount of damage and defects at the time of selection.

The whole flower is considered the best type of leather that can be found in the cowhide and it is from it that the floater leather is obtained.

This is a type of finish that aesthetically shows a coarse grain.

The main reason why many opt for products made from cowhide is that they are quite durable.

This long-lived material has advantages in both durability and the way in which it is preserved over time.

Among the outstanding properties of this amazing material are:

  • Tensile strength.
    Resistance to tearing, its fibers are not easy to tear.
    Flexibility and adjustment capacity, it is a material that can be adapted, giving a good result in shoes or handbags as well as in clothing.
    High puncture resistance, it is not easy to break through a cowhide product.
    Good thermal insulation.
    Permeability to water.
    Its elastic properties allow it to be molded and retain its new shape without any problem.
    Resistance to fungi.

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