Diseño de bolsos y carteras

Handbag and purse design

The design of handbags and purses is undoubtedly the starting point of the manufacture of these products, regardless of whether the process is completely handmade, industrialized or semi-industrialized, each bag or purse requires a design and pattern making process for its subsequent execution.

If we talk about the designs of bags and purses this season, the most accurate would be to say that there are bags for all tastes, from XXL bags, mini bags, net bags, crochet bags and even ball-shaped bags, made of various materials, where of course leather can never miss, I would dare to say that everything has a place in a season where the only important thing is that each look has its ideal bag.

It is no secret to anyone that bags have become one of our favorite belongings, that special accessory that complements any outfit and of course our great allies of confidence, so much so that we take them anywhere and look for different models that combine perfectly with every occasion.

And of course the choice of that perfect bag reveals absolutely everything about who uses it, it projects an image, revealing who you are and who you would like to be, that is why the design of bags and wallets is something that goes beyond the simple manufacture of functional pieces, it is an art, because a bag can reflect our nature, show the best of each one and reflect to the world what we want, more than an accessory is a way to communicate.

diseño de bolsos y carteras

In general terms, the style has nothing to do with the brand.

Neither the status, not even with the cost that a handbag can have, rather the opposite: usually, fashion handbags are not very stylish and are usually forgotten with the passage of time, because in the end it is the design what makes some pieces, a classic. The design of handbags and purses is what makes these accessories something special.

The design of handbags and wallets in a digitalized era has undoubtedly had space not only in catwalks but also in large pages, the largest market companies in the world are responsible for marketing their designs on the internet, through social networks, which have made our world, something closer.

But that has also opened the door to many manufacturers, in Carla Sade, excellence is part of our personal seal, we are meticulously in charge of designing iconic handbags and wallets that drive our brand to new horizons.

diseño de bolsos y carteras

Cradle of great creations, the design of bags and wallets began as the pillar of our company.

Working even with major brands recognized worldwide, for years we have been dedicated to the art of leather goods, creating unique pieces with unparalleled quality.

In addition, we make your creations come true, that is, we take care of the manufacturing process of the handbags and wallets designs you have created, because in Carla Sade creativity has no limits.