On the occasion of the growing internationalization of our company, we would like to make known, both to our loyal consumers and to clients on the five continents, our company and our own philosophy in the creation and design of fashion bags and accessories distinguished with the Carla Sade brand. Since our beginnings in 1989, Carla Sade has experienced great acceptance of its collections at an international level.


Carla Sade founded in 1989 by 7 expert craftsmen. Today it is one of the largest Spanish firms in the leather goods sector. More than 40 direct employees and nearly 100 subcontracted workers, together with a permanent stock of more than 150,000 feet of first selection leather and other materials guarantee Carla Sade's capacity, both in manufacturing and services. Each one of the articles is really made by hand and only by expert craftsmen who take care of the maximum quality and finish of our collections.


Carla Sade's philosophy is based on creating fashion, expressed in the most current designs in handbags and handmade accessories in the best leather materials and trimmings. As a result, the bags and different accessories launched on the market each season, for spring/summer and autumn/winter. A team of professionals takes care of drawing the new trends of the market, taking into account the demands of the contemporary consumer and his desire to obtain a fashionable product but, at the same time, functional and practical in its daily use. The details in the finish of each bag and the softness of the leather in its touch confirm this proximity to our consumers. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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