CARLA SADE S.L. gives its name to the quality and commitment in the manufacture of leather goods for luxury and fashion brands, currently working for many international firms of high level, who trust us to produce their leather goods and accessories.

Leather Bags

Our handbag manufacturing stands out for its competitive prices and the maximum quality in the finishes of our products. Experts in bag manufacturing, we have an exclusive line of professionals specialized in design, pattern making and material selection. Making the manufacture of the Leather Handbag the star product of the firm CARLA SADE S.L.

Small Leather Goods

The leather wallet is one of the classic products in the small leather goods collection. The manufacture of wallets and accessories to match their line of handbags, is usually present in the collection of any fashion company that boasts. The bags manufactured by CARLA SADE S.L. have the same quality in their manufacture and choice of leather as the bags manufactured by the firm.

Customized products

Our mission is to turn ideas that arise from the imagination of designers and creatives into reality. Our team will start your future custom project from an idea or sketch. CARLA SADE SL's masters and technicians will analyze the feasibility of the prototype, taking into account the materials to be used, the best technique to be employed and the manufacture of the appropriate patterns.

The handcrafted process together with exhaustive quality control are the pillars of CARLA SADES.L.'s philosophy and work methodology. Using the same handcrafted production procedures as traditional leather goods, together with the latest technological advances, we manufacture the high quality leather goods demanded by the most prestigious international fashion companies.

Our way of working in continuous communication with the client, makes us the perfect manufacturer for small, medium and large volume productions with unbeatable logistics and quality control. We send samples and follow up on your leather articles is done continuously with the possibility of visiting our workshops and factories located in Ubrique,Spain (Europe), to know first hand the status of your product.