Leather Handbags

How are leather handbags made?

The process is part of the result, without a doubt the way in which a product is made is an essential part of the long term quality it will have, that is why knowing how leather handbags are made will help you choose the best one.

You may have rarely wondered how leather handbags are made, and most of us do not pay much attention to the elaboration of the products we use, we overlook the manufacturing process only observing the final results.

Undoubtedly the manufacturing processes are a vital part of the excellence that a product can have, that is why in Carlasade we want to explain a little about how leather bags are made and thus help you select the best one for you.

Each brand makes its products in its own way, however they all have a starting point, the material. When we talk about how leather bags are made, we must consider that the first step is to select the leather. It is necessary and important to know the type because it will depend on the texture, finishes and details that our bag may have.

There are multiple types of leather in the market and even though they may come from the same animal, experience is needed to know which leather is best for the manufacture of our designs, from cattle and bovine leather to the most exotic ones, there is a type of leather that adapts to each design.

The tanning process is very important and we could say that it helps us to understand a little about how leather bags are made because the raw material is the basis of any process and leather bags are undoubtedly proof of that.

Rigid or flexible? It all depends on the material and the process used, as you will see it is important to select the best part of the skin, in general in Carlasade we use the purest and less damaged areas starting from the center towards the flanks of the skin that is to say, from the center towards the extremities of the animal.

Learning about how leather bags are made guarantees that you will be able to choose the best ones, because you will have knowledge of the manufacturing process and this will help you to know the characteristics it could have.

When we talk about the manufacturing process, how leather bags are made, we must consider the rigidity we want it to have, because if we want the bag to be more rigid we must perform different processes than a more flexible one.

In the case of rigid bags, materials such as stabilizing foam are used to provide the leather with other properties that allow it to remain rigid or hardened.

Handles and straps play an important role in the manufacture of bags, as you will see, they are areas that require reinforcement, so that they do not break or deteriorate over time.

Leather is undoubtedly much more resistant than fabrics, however, the continuous use and the life we give to the material can be greater or lesser depending on the supports that hold the material, whether leather or fabric.

A leather bag that has been reinforced in the most compromised areas, lasts up to 10 times longer than a leather bag that does not have those reinforcements in the parts that deserve it, that is why even when they are made of the same material, one can last longer than the other.

In Carlasade we have a wide variety of craftsmen and professionals who elaborate each bag with dedication and care, paying attention to every detail.