Leather lovers What color to choose?

We all know the different colors that exist in the spectral range and how they are present in all the objects that surround us, something to which leather is no stranger, as there are many colors of leather that vary depending on the skin, thickness and finish they intend to achieve by giving a certain tone. The different colors of leather that we find in the market show a wide variety of pieces, from footwear, clothing, to the upholstery of various items such as furniture, chairs and armchairs.

Leather never goes out of fashion, but it does not look the same on everyone, that is why before choosing leather colors, you should know what aspects to take into account to make it look the way you want it to.

One of the most important factors when choosing the color of leather, is the tone of your skin, because this really influences a lot when opting for a garment because not all leather colors will favor us in the same way, there will even be some that do the opposite. Here we will let you know which leather colors can favor you according to your skin tone.

Light skin

It is clear that whiter or lighter skins will always favor dark colors such as black, gray, dark blue, however, among the light colors there are warm tones that can also look like beige, white, red, gold and silver. All always within the primary colors and with a warm tone that complements well your complexion color. Intermediate or dark skin The intermediate or dark skins can be shipwrecked in that limbo between warm and cold tones, as they will always be favored to be in the middle so the choice of one color or another is wider and vary from the already mentioned white, black and red, to dark blue, adding shades such as light blue, gray or beige.

Dark skin

Dark skins should always be favored with cool leather colors in a category of tones that make them stand out, such as white, which unquestionably stands out in this skin, since the game of contrasts stands out and looks very good. You can also choose a very colorful blue, as well as yellow, fuchsia, green and contrary to beliefs also black. Another extremely important factor when choosing the colors of leather, are the garments, that is, choose the right garment of the right tone where not only accentuate our skin but also what we look, make the leather accessory, part of our outfit, a complement that highlights our figure and make us look sensational.

Last but not least, we must take into account the season, while it is true that it never hurts to have a good leather garment or an accessory such as handbags, bandoliers or those beautiful sandals that you have liked so much, we must take into account the season to not look out of place. In Carla Sade we have a wide variety of leather products and accessories, made by the best experts in leather goods and of course taking into account these tips, look unique with Carla Sade.