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Lightweight bags and their advantages

Bags and purses are undoubtedly an essential accessory in every closet, that essential and useful complement that allows us not only to transport our personal items but also help us to look fabulous at all times, there are in all sizes and colors, from light bags, to the largest.

There are those who say that “In fashion, what suits you” and the truth is that many of us get carried away by the comfort that some garments offer us, there are handbags for every style, from the largest and classic to the light and subtle bags, each one made for specific moments and designed for different personalities.

At least 78% of women say they cannot go a whole day without their handbag

And this garment has become an essential piece for many, not only because it allows us to carry our personal belongings, but also because it is part of our outfits.

This time we will talk a little about the advantages of carrying a lightweight bag and is that beyond being a simple garment to carry, they are really comfortable and useful.

The main advantage of lightweight bags is undoubtedly the fact of being light, which is why back or lumbar pains are avoided, thus improving our posture when walking or standing.

In addition, we must always remember that the weight of our handbag should never exceed 10% of our body weight.

Another great advantage of lightweight bags is that the cervical and trapezius muscles can maintain greater mobility.

That is why you will avoid pain and contractures caused by shoulder bags, it is also considered that the shoulder bags are the best when it comes to avoid contractures.

A great advantage of lightweight bags is that they allow you to carry your most essential belongings.

Well, you have limited space, so avoid carrying those “just in case” bags that fill our wallet causing excess weight and problems in the long run.

One aspect that I definitely consider great about lightweight bags is that for the most part, they bring a certain elegance.

Generally when we decide to carry a smaller bag, it complements our outfits without drawing too much attention, making us look stylish and edgy at all times.

Lightweight and small bags are in trend so you can find several models that you will love and also will make you look good at all times, from fanny packs to shoulder bags.

I am sure you will find the one that best suits your personality among these wallets

Being on trend you will be able to find an endless number of lightweight bags, this will allow you to get several options and have enough to combine with your entire closet.

Always keep in mind that the main advantage of using lightweight bags is that you will have less risk of suffering from tendonitis in elbows and wrists or pain in neck and shoulder.

Also, in general you will keep your muscles free of shortening and inflammation.

So remember to always protect your health, use lightweight bags that allow you to look chic without compromising the condition of your spine, arms and shoulders.

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