The benefits of wearing leather shoes

The benefits of wearing leather shoes

The benefits of wearing leather shoes Leather is undoubtedly one of the best materials for the manufacture of footwear, not only for the beauty of the pieces that are made with it, but also for its strength and durability. Know some of the benefits of wearing leather shoes and start dressing elegant and fashionable wearing a beautiful leather shoe.

Some benefits of wearing leather shoes There are many advantages that come from wearing good leather shoes. Leather shoes are synonymous with quality and comfort. These are some of the great benefits that you can get with this type of footwear:

- They prevent bad odors as they keep your feet fresh and dry.

- Leather shoes are of great quality, being

recognized for their durability and resistance.

- They are flexible and mold to all types of feet.

- They are easy to clean

- Leather shoes are stylish and always in style

- They are a cost-effective option, helping you to take care of your investment.

- Damage such as scuffs or bumps can be repaired more easily

- They are comfortable

- Leather shoes prevent the appearance of fungus and the proliferation of bacteria.

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Tips for the maintenance of your leather shoes If you want your leather shoes to last even longer, we recommend that you take a few steps to care for them. This will prolong the life of your shoes and you will be able to keep them looking like new for much longer. Here are just a few tips:

- Check the type of leather your shoes are made of. Some products can be harmful to certain types of leather.

- Always clean your shoes after use. This will prevent dust, mud, water or other substances from wearing them out.

- Do not pile up your shoes. Store them in a suitable and cool place where they do not receive direct sunlight.

- Avoid deformation by stuffing them with paper.

- Do not use plastic wrap, this can cause your leather shoes to fade and get damaged.

- Never store your shoes wet, as this can lead to bad odors and cause deformations.

- Avoid wearing leather shoes on rainy days. - Use a shoehorn to avoid deforming and damaging your shoes.

- Do not wear your leather shoes continuously. The leather needs to rest, this will prevent wrinkles from appearing.

- Do not overdo it with cleaning. Excessive use of shoe polish and other products can change the original color and prevent the leather from breathing.

Leather and Fur

Leather and Fur Different or the same?

Leather and skin are words always used to refer to the same thing, animal skin tanned and processed for subsequent use in leather goods, despite how simple the term sounds, it is something that involves a lot of work and certainly do not refer to the same thing, so no, leather and skin are not the same, at least not in technical terms.

As you know the skin is that which covers the anatomy of the animal, no matter the species, whether snakes, sheep or cows, all are covered by it, while we could go that the leather is basically the material already finished and processed with which later we will make items. There are those who claim that leather and fur are the same, however in this article you will be able to dispel your doubts with us. Leather and fur certainly have the same origin, that is to say, an animal, however as we have already mentioned they are not the same, not only for these reasons that I have already mentioned, but also because there is actually a regulation in Spain that frames the difference between leather and fur, based on fundamentals such as the age of the animal from which it has been extracted..

When we refer to the age of the animal, we base it on something quite simple, because as you will see for obtaining the skin are used all smaller species or large mammals that have not yet entered adulthood, ie animals such as calves and foals..

Although leather also refers to the part of the body of living beings that, like skin, is composed of several layers of tissues that form the outer covering of their anatomy, the difference lies in the fact that larger mammals that are also in adulthood and fully developed are generally used to obtain leather. .

But there is something else that helps to differentiate leather and fur, beyond the age of the animal or its size itself, the leather goods industry in Spain has another aspect in which differentiate one from the other, because certainly the age and size can be something difficult to notice with the naked eye, however, this aspect is a little more noticeable. And when we talk about leather and fur, even the finish and texture of them help us to perceive noticeable differences because the type of finish in both leather and fur is different, even though both are subjected to a chemical process called tanning that gives properties to the material that prevent deterioration and also allows it to be durable and resistant to rot..

So even though both go through this chemical process, after tanning, the industry specialized in hides and skins usually calls leather to those materials whose finishes maintain their natural hair, while on the other hand, leather refers to that which is smooth and without any animal hair. It is important to recognize these remarkable differences between the two, that is why in Carla Sade we want to help you to know a little about the subject, also remember that we have the best garments and accessories made by the best experts, taking care of every detail.

Leather lovers What color to choose?

Leather lovers What color to choose?

We all know the different colors that exist in the spectral range and how they are present in all the objects that surround us, something to which leather is no stranger, as there are many colors of leather that vary depending on the skin, thickness and finish they intend to achieve by giving a certain tone. The different colors of leather that we find in the market show a wide variety of pieces, from footwear, clothing, to the upholstery of various items such as furniture, chairs and armchairs.

Leather never goes out of fashion, but it does not look the same on everyone, that is why before choosing leather colors, you should know what aspects to take into account to make it look the way you want it to.

One of the most important factors when choosing the color of leather, is the tone of your skin, because this really influences a lot when opting for a garment because not all leather colors will favor us in the same way, there will even be some that do the opposite. Here we will let you know which leather colors can favor you according to your skin tone.

Light skin

It is clear that whiter or lighter skins will always favor dark colors such as black, gray, dark blue, however, among the light colors there are warm tones that can also look like beige, white, red, gold and silver. All always within the primary colors and with a warm tone that complements well your complexion color. Intermediate or dark skin The intermediate or dark skins can be shipwrecked in that limbo between warm and cold tones, as they will always be favored to be in the middle so the choice of one color or another is wider and vary from the already mentioned white, black and red, to dark blue, adding shades such as light blue, gray or beige.

Dark skin

Dark skins should always be favored with cool leather colors in a category of tones that make them stand out, such as white, which unquestionably stands out in this skin, since the game of contrasts stands out and looks very good. You can also choose a very colorful blue, as well as yellow, fuchsia, green and contrary to beliefs also black. Another extremely important factor when choosing the colors of leather, are the garments, that is, choose the right garment of the right tone where not only accentuate our skin but also what we look, make the leather accessory, part of our outfit, a complement that highlights our figure and make us look sensational.

Last but not least, we must take into account the season, while it is true that it never hurts to have a good leather garment or an accessory such as handbags, bandoliers or those beautiful sandals that you have liked so much, we must take into account the season to not look out of place. In Carla Sade we have a wide variety of leather products and accessories, made by the best experts in leather goods and of course taking into account these tips, look unique with Carla Sade.

What does the brand of your bag say about you?

qué dice de ti la marca de tu bolso

What does the brand of your bag say about you?

What does the brand of your bag say about you? For centuries bags have been a useful tool to transport objects from one place to another, over time this accessory began to gain more importance in our outfits, leaving aside its functional part and beginning to represent a status, have you ever wondered what the brand of your bag says about you?

You may often overlook this or simply downplay its importance, however in the fashion world what your handbag's brand says about you is something that can have a certain weight when it comes to showing your personality. And the image has an incredible power, not only from a superficial way, but what we want to communicate with the way we dress, the way we look, even what the brand of your bag says about you.

It's all about how we show ourselves to the world, our image is the way we express multiple things, what we like or attract, what identifies us and even shows a part of our identity as individuals to the world, it's basically the way we externalize our personality.

Handbags speak about our personality in a non-verbal way, and by this I don't only mean what the brand of your bag says about you, but everything it represents in itself, from its style, to its color, and the way it complements our aesthetics and our outfits; the way we use it also says a lot about who wears it.

And it is that in fact from the nonverbal communication, it is a subject that has been studied for years, as well as the theme of the looks or the way we move our hands when we walk or make signs, and even the position of our legs when we sit; all that and more is our way of expressing what is inside us.

All the time with the way we dress, act and even with those accessories that we think are insignificant, we are constantly telling the world who we are, even if we have not uttered a single word.

What your handbag brand says about you is something that can really carry weight, not only for the brand itself, but for the shape, texture, colors and every little detail that makes up this accessory, each brand has a style, a personal stamp with which we as buyers identify ourselves.

Bags are like that small accessory that can enhance or destroy an outfit, the way you use it and even more important the effect it has on your confidence when you go out to face the world.

What your handbag brand says about you is not only related to the fact of what you communicate with your outfits, but the effect or impact that the way you look has on your personality, on the way you act and on the security and confidence you radiate.

Each brand has a seal that makes it unique and unrepeatable, in Carlasade we offer a wide variety of models with unsurpassed quality, versatile and exclusive models with a special seal, a Carlasade seal.