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Leather machines: useful and practical

Nowadays leather machines are suitable for many different types of textiles, however, when you want to work with a specific material such as this, it is advisable to look for a special machine for it because the machines for working leather have a different power than the conventional ones.

So before buying any leather goods sewing machine, think about what kind of leather you are going to sew, maybe a standard machine with the appropriate accessories will work for you.

We know that tasks such as threading leather sewing machines can be somewhat complex, so you have to do it carefully.

On the other hand, you need need needles and threads different from those used in a conventional machine, because if you think of using the common ones, you will soon see how the leather frays and the seams fall out.

If you have worked with leather you know that it is a rather thick material and somewhat difficult to handle, but don’t worry, you can choose a good sewing machine for leather goods and get to work.

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With the simple tips we will give you and a little practice you can become an excellent professional leatherworker:

Choose the right needles for leather sewing machines: When sewing, it is very important that you use the right needle for leather.

These differ from the usual ones in that they are thicker and less elastic, their eyelet is larger because the threads are more voluminous, they also have a sharp point to better penetrate the material.

These needles are harder and more resistant because they must pierce the leather correctly, it is very simple, you must use a needle that corresponds to the fabric or in this case to the leather.

It is recommended that they have a thickness of between 80 and 100 (European nomenclature), of course, we must go testing with different measures because as you know all leathers are not equal.

Select the thread well: You must be very careful when choosing the thread, it must be more resistant than the normal one, usually for sewing leather the waxed thread is used over 1 mm thick.

Do not use pins: If you go through it or mark it (depending on the type of leather) you may not be able to hide it or rectify it, so it is best to use a clamp to fix the material.

You should apply a little talcum powder so that the material slides better (please do not exaggerate).

We recommend you to practice before you start, use some piece of leather that you have at home.

It is important that you start with something simple: as in all projects in which you are a novice, it is convenient that you start little by little until you master the technique and become an expert in leather.

Start with simple designs, a belt or a wallet, in fact, you can make the design you like in another type of fabric and then replicate it in leather.

It is essential that you use a special presser foot for sewing leather.

After you have the experience and mastered the techniques, you can think about an industrial leather sewing machine

There are different brands of leather sewing machines on the market that guarantee automatic threading, different types of stitches (straight, decorative zigzag), height adjustable presser foot, powerful motors, free arm design, safety stitches, and they are also very quiet machines, among many other benefits.

You should also know that in addition to the leather sewing machines, there is also a leather trimmer, which will make your work much easier and more efficient.

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Leather roughing machine

This machine was created to provide answers to shoe and leather goods manufacturers in general.

The function of this machine is to reduce the caliber of the leather.

It makes several types of trimming such as: piping, pieces for folding, for assemblies, flat trimming.

It is important for the manufacturer because any cut piece can be passed through it, for the production of different types of leather articles.

The products obtained have a very good finish and are of great quality, besides being aesthetically well presented.

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