The benefits of wearing leather shoes

The benefits of wearing leather shoes

The benefits of wearing leather shoes Leather is undoubtedly one of the best materials for the manufacture of footwear, not only for the beauty of the pieces that are made with it, but also for its strength and durability. Know some of the benefits of wearing leather shoes and start dressing elegant and fashionable wearing a beautiful leather shoe.

Some benefits of wearing leather shoes There are many advantages that come from wearing good leather shoes. Leather shoes are synonymous with quality and comfort. These are some of the great benefits that you can get with this type of footwear:

- They prevent bad odors as they keep your feet fresh and dry.

- Leather shoes are of great quality, being

recognized for their durability and resistance.

- They are flexible and mold to all types of feet.

- They are easy to clean

- Leather shoes are stylish and always in style

- They are a cost-effective option, helping you to take care of your investment.

- Damage such as scuffs or bumps can be repaired more easily

- They are comfortable

- Leather shoes prevent the appearance of fungus and the proliferation of bacteria.

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Tips for the maintenance of your leather shoes If you want your leather shoes to last even longer, we recommend that you take a few steps to care for them. This will prolong the life of your shoes and you will be able to keep them looking like new for much longer. Here are just a few tips:

- Check the type of leather your shoes are made of. Some products can be harmful to certain types of leather.

- Always clean your shoes after use. This will prevent dust, mud, water or other substances from wearing them out.

- Do not pile up your shoes. Store them in a suitable and cool place where they do not receive direct sunlight.

- Avoid deformation by stuffing them with paper.

- Do not use plastic wrap, this can cause your leather shoes to fade and get damaged.

- Never store your shoes wet, as this can lead to bad odors and cause deformations.

- Avoid wearing leather shoes on rainy days. - Use a shoehorn to avoid deforming and damaging your shoes.

- Do not wear your leather shoes continuously. The leather needs to rest, this will prevent wrinkles from appearing.

- Do not overdo it with cleaning. Excessive use of shoe polish and other products can change the original color and prevent the leather from breathing.

Leather and Fur

Leather and Fur Different or the same?

Leather and skin are words always used to refer to the same thing, animal skin tanned and processed for subsequent use in leather goods, despite how simple the term sounds, it is something that involves a lot of work and certainly do not refer to the same thing, so no, leather and skin are not the same, at least not in technical terms.

As you know the skin is that which covers the anatomy of the animal, no matter the species, whether snakes, sheep or cows, all are covered by it, while we could go that the leather is basically the material already finished and processed with which later we will make items. There are those who claim that leather and fur are the same, however in this article you will be able to dispel your doubts with us. Leather and fur certainly have the same origin, that is to say, an animal, however as we have already mentioned they are not the same, not only for these reasons that I have already mentioned, but also because there is actually a regulation in Spain that frames the difference between leather and fur, based on fundamentals such as the age of the animal from which it has been extracted..

When we refer to the age of the animal, we base it on something quite simple, because as you will see for obtaining the skin are used all smaller species or large mammals that have not yet entered adulthood, ie animals such as calves and foals..

Although leather also refers to the part of the body of living beings that, like skin, is composed of several layers of tissues that form the outer covering of their anatomy, the difference lies in the fact that larger mammals that are also in adulthood and fully developed are generally used to obtain leather. .

But there is something else that helps to differentiate leather and fur, beyond the age of the animal or its size itself, the leather goods industry in Spain has another aspect in which differentiate one from the other, because certainly the age and size can be something difficult to notice with the naked eye, however, this aspect is a little more noticeable. And when we talk about leather and fur, even the finish and texture of them help us to perceive noticeable differences because the type of finish in both leather and fur is different, even though both are subjected to a chemical process called tanning that gives properties to the material that prevent deterioration and also allows it to be durable and resistant to rot..

So even though both go through this chemical process, after tanning, the industry specialized in hides and skins usually calls leather to those materials whose finishes maintain their natural hair, while on the other hand, leather refers to that which is smooth and without any animal hair. It is important to recognize these remarkable differences between the two, that is why in Carla Sade we want to help you to know a little about the subject, also remember that we have the best garments and accessories made by the best experts, taking care of every detail.

Leather lovers What color to choose?

Leather lovers What color to choose?

We all know the different colors that exist in the spectral range and how they are present in all the objects that surround us, something to which leather is no stranger, as there are many colors of leather that vary depending on the skin, thickness and finish they intend to achieve by giving a certain tone. The different colors of leather that we find in the market show a wide variety of pieces, from footwear, clothing, to the upholstery of various items such as furniture, chairs and armchairs.

Leather never goes out of fashion, but it does not look the same on everyone, that is why before choosing leather colors, you should know what aspects to take into account to make it look the way you want it to.

One of the most important factors when choosing the color of leather, is the tone of your skin, because this really influences a lot when opting for a garment because not all leather colors will favor us in the same way, there will even be some that do the opposite. Here we will let you know which leather colors can favor you according to your skin tone.

Light skin

It is clear that whiter or lighter skins will always favor dark colors such as black, gray, dark blue, however, among the light colors there are warm tones that can also look like beige, white, red, gold and silver. All always within the primary colors and with a warm tone that complements well your complexion color. Intermediate or dark skin The intermediate or dark skins can be shipwrecked in that limbo between warm and cold tones, as they will always be favored to be in the middle so the choice of one color or another is wider and vary from the already mentioned white, black and red, to dark blue, adding shades such as light blue, gray or beige.

Dark skin

Dark skins should always be favored with cool leather colors in a category of tones that make them stand out, such as white, which unquestionably stands out in this skin, since the game of contrasts stands out and looks very good. You can also choose a very colorful blue, as well as yellow, fuchsia, green and contrary to beliefs also black. Another extremely important factor when choosing the colors of leather, are the garments, that is, choose the right garment of the right tone where not only accentuate our skin but also what we look, make the leather accessory, part of our outfit, a complement that highlights our figure and make us look sensational.

Last but not least, we must take into account the season, while it is true that it never hurts to have a good leather garment or an accessory such as handbags, bandoliers or those beautiful sandals that you have liked so much, we must take into account the season to not look out of place. In Carla Sade we have a wide variety of leather products and accessories, made by the best experts in leather goods and of course taking into account these tips, look unique with Carla Sade.

What does the brand of your bag say about you?

qué dice de ti la marca de tu bolso

What does the brand of your bag say about you?

What does the brand of your bag say about you? For centuries bags have been a useful tool to transport objects from one place to another, over time this accessory began to gain more importance in our outfits, leaving aside its functional part and beginning to represent a status, have you ever wondered what the brand of your bag says about you?

You may often overlook this or simply downplay its importance, however in the fashion world what your handbag's brand says about you is something that can have a certain weight when it comes to showing your personality. And the image has an incredible power, not only from a superficial way, but what we want to communicate with the way we dress, the way we look, even what the brand of your bag says about you.

It's all about how we show ourselves to the world, our image is the way we express multiple things, what we like or attract, what identifies us and even shows a part of our identity as individuals to the world, it's basically the way we externalize our personality.

Handbags speak about our personality in a non-verbal way, and by this I don't only mean what the brand of your bag says about you, but everything it represents in itself, from its style, to its color, and the way it complements our aesthetics and our outfits; the way we use it also says a lot about who wears it.

And it is that in fact from the nonverbal communication, it is a subject that has been studied for years, as well as the theme of the looks or the way we move our hands when we walk or make signs, and even the position of our legs when we sit; all that and more is our way of expressing what is inside us.

All the time with the way we dress, act and even with those accessories that we think are insignificant, we are constantly telling the world who we are, even if we have not uttered a single word.

What your handbag brand says about you is something that can really carry weight, not only for the brand itself, but for the shape, texture, colors and every little detail that makes up this accessory, each brand has a style, a personal stamp with which we as buyers identify ourselves.

Bags are like that small accessory that can enhance or destroy an outfit, the way you use it and even more important the effect it has on your confidence when you go out to face the world.

What your handbag brand says about you is not only related to the fact of what you communicate with your outfits, but the effect or impact that the way you look has on your personality, on the way you act and on the security and confidence you radiate.

Each brand has a seal that makes it unique and unrepeatable, in Carlasade we offer a wide variety of models with unsurpassed quality, versatile and exclusive models with a special seal, a Carlasade seal.

What can I give as a gift?

What can I give as a gift?

If there is something that is always a great gift, it is leather gifts, all those pieces made and elaborated in leather, guarantee an incredible durability, besides providing sophistication and elegance.

There are certain times of the year in which giving gifts is more than a tradition, linked very directly with the obligation to show our affection through presents to those we care about, Christmas, Three Kings Day, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, no matter the date, there is always a time to buy leather gifts.

Leather is a highly resistant material, of very good quality whose duration in time can be quite long, in fact a leather gift can last for decades, of course with the right care.

Leather gifts are an excellent option when choosing gifts, we can find an infinite variety of bags, wallets, purses, gloves, chairs, furniture and armchairs, because despite the existence of many other materials, leather gifts never go out of fashion and not only this, but also guarantee an extremely durable object, which will last and will be preserved over time.

Unlike other gifts, leather accessories or gifts have the great advantage of being extremely versatile and to choose them you do not have to be complicated by things like size, time or occasion, not even the color, because there is a wide variety of shades that allow us to properly choose the gift we want to give.

Many people decide to opt for leather gifts because of their versatility and usefulness, because in general these items are extremely useful, in addition to ensuring its durability, accessories such as handbags and purses are always a must during the holidays and what better gift in leather than an accessory so used?

At least 80% of women say they use their wallet daily and this accessory more than a piece of our closet has become a must-have, different models, sizes and colors, all women have a wide variety of bags for every occasion.

Similarly when we talk about leather gifts for men we have the wallet, which is more or less the male version of what are the bags for us, for decades the use of wallets has become not only common, but almost essential among male accessories.

So if you have decided to give some gifts during the upcoming holiday seasons, do not hesitate to buy leather gifts, give accessories and garments that can be enjoyed for a long time without fear that the passage of time will do its thing.

In Carla Sade we have a wide variety of leather items and accessories, made by the best craftsmen and with the best materials, we are a company dedicated to create style, imposing trends and sophistication, many recognized brands have entrusted their designs in our hands which guarantees our excellent workmanship, 100% Spanish designs, give unique accessories, Carla Sade accessories.

Leather Handbags

Leather Handbags

How are leather handbags made?

The process is part of the result, without a doubt the way in which a product is made is an essential part of the long term quality it will have, that is why knowing how leather handbags are made will help you choose the best one.

You may have rarely wondered how leather handbags are made, and most of us do not pay much attention to the elaboration of the products we use, we overlook the manufacturing process only observing the final results.

Undoubtedly the manufacturing processes are a vital part of the excellence that a product can have, that is why in Carlasade we want to explain a little about how leather bags are made and thus help you select the best one for you.

Each brand makes its products in its own way, however they all have a starting point, the material. When we talk about how leather bags are made, we must consider that the first step is to select the leather. It is necessary and important to know the type because it will depend on the texture, finishes and details that our bag may have.

There are multiple types of leather in the market and even though they may come from the same animal, experience is needed to know which leather is best for the manufacture of our designs, from cattle and bovine leather to the most exotic ones, there is a type of leather that adapts to each design.

The tanning process is very important and we could say that it helps us to understand a little about how leather bags are made because the raw material is the basis of any process and leather bags are undoubtedly proof of that.

Rigid or flexible? It all depends on the material and the process used, as you will see it is important to select the best part of the skin, in general in Carlasade we use the purest and less damaged areas starting from the center towards the flanks of the skin that is to say, from the center towards the extremities of the animal.

Learning about how leather bags are made guarantees that you will be able to choose the best ones, because you will have knowledge of the manufacturing process and this will help you to know the characteristics it could have.

When we talk about the manufacturing process, how leather bags are made, we must consider the rigidity we want it to have, because if we want the bag to be more rigid we must perform different processes than a more flexible one.

In the case of rigid bags, materials such as stabilizing foam are used to provide the leather with other properties that allow it to remain rigid or hardened.

Handles and straps play an important role in the manufacture of bags, as you will see, they are areas that require reinforcement, so that they do not break or deteriorate over time.

Leather is undoubtedly much more resistant than fabrics, however, the continuous use and the life we give to the material can be greater or lesser depending on the supports that hold the material, whether leather or fabric.

A leather bag that has been reinforced in the most compromised areas, lasts up to 10 times longer than a leather bag that does not have those reinforcements in the parts that deserve it, that is why even when they are made of the same material, one can last longer than the other.

In Carlasade we have a wide variety of craftsmen and professionals who elaborate each bag with dedication and care, paying attention to every detail.

Handbag and purse design

Diseño de bolsos y carteras
Diseño de bolsos y carteras

Handbag and purse design

The design of handbags and purses is undoubtedly the starting point of the manufacture of these products, regardless of whether the process is completely handmade, industrialized or semi-industrialized, each bag or purse requires a design and pattern making process for its subsequent execution.

If we talk about the designs of bags and purses this season, the most accurate would be to say that there are bags for all tastes, from XXL bags, mini bags, net bags, crochet bags and even ball-shaped bags, made of various materials, where of course leather can never miss, I would dare to say that everything has a place in a season where the only important thing is that each look has its ideal bag.

It is no secret to anyone that bags have become one of our favorite belongings, that special accessory that complements any outfit and of course our great allies of confidence, so much so that we take them anywhere and look for different models that combine perfectly with every occasion.

And of course the choice of that perfect bag reveals absolutely everything about who uses it, it projects an image, revealing who you are and who you would like to be, that is why the design of bags and wallets is something that goes beyond the simple manufacture of functional pieces, it is an art, because a bag can reflect our nature, show the best of each one and reflect to the world what we want, more than an accessory is a way to communicate.

diseño de bolsos y carteras

In general terms, the style has nothing to do with the brand.

Neither the status, not even with the cost that a handbag can have, rather the opposite: usually, fashion handbags are not very stylish and are usually forgotten with the passage of time, because in the end it is the design what makes some pieces, a classic. The design of handbags and purses is what makes these accessories something special.

The design of handbags and wallets in a digitalized era has undoubtedly had space not only in catwalks but also in large pages, the largest market companies in the world are responsible for marketing their designs on the internet, through social networks, which have made our world, something closer.

But that has also opened the door to many manufacturers, in Carla Sade, excellence is part of our personal seal, we are meticulously in charge of designing iconic handbags and wallets that drive our brand to new horizons.

diseño de bolsos y carteras

Cradle of great creations, the design of bags and wallets began as the pillar of our company.

Working even with major brands recognized worldwide, for years we have been dedicated to the art of leather goods, creating unique pieces with unparalleled quality.

In addition, we make your creations come true, that is, we take care of the manufacturing process of the handbags and wallets designs you have created, because in Carla Sade creativity has no limits.

Wholesale of sneakers: A link in the distribution chain

Venta de zapatillas por mayor1

Wholesale of sneakers: A link in the distribution chain

If you are a shoe lover, it is likely that you have ever considered the idea of creating your own business based on it, many businessmen and entrepreneurs often wonder about selling shoes wholesale looking for a distributor that offers a variety of models affordable prices, short delivery times and above all the guarantee that the order will reach its destination.

At present and after the ravages caused by the pandemic, many people have decided to opt for Internet commerce, creating virtual stores with the purpose of starting their own business, using technology to their advantage.

Online sales and e-commerce have been acquiring a significant role in consumer buying habits.

venta de zapatillas por mayor

And is that the number of digital buyers globally was approximately 2,000 million people being proof of the growth that has taken the Internet trade in recent years.

The fashion industry has had to adapt to the demands of the modern world, as the new consumption model makes the digital presence, something essential, making life easier for those who want to get wholesale sneakers.

In Carla Sade we take care of the sale of wholesale sneakers, making life easier for many traders, our models are unique, exclusive and versatile, designed by the best experts, with high quality materials and 100% Spanish workmanship.

Spain is known worldwide for its leather products, from handbags and jackets to sneakers.

Every year, many world-renowned brands choose to manufacture their products in our lands, allowing the leather industry to grow.

The growth of this industry has allowed many companies like Carla Sade to wholesale sneakers, helping our customers to start the business they want so much.

And is that the sale of slippers wholesale has great advantages for both the company and the consumer, among them:

Low prices, when you get a sale of sneakers wholesale, you will get relatively low prices compared to the cost that the product would have at retail.

A large stock that allows customers to purchase different models, sizes and colors.

A great advantage of the sale of sneakers wholesale, is that it allows us to achieve a certain competitiveness in the market, because by obtaining lower prices in the purchase, we can adjust our prices, so that we manage to perceive profits without having very high prices.

It is well known that wholesale plays an important role in the distribution chain, because as you will see, it allows us to generate greater reach of our products to be offered by external traders.

If you have decided to undertake in this world of fashion, it is not necessary to look for more manufacturers that have wholesale sneakers because in Carla Sade we have a wide variety of footwear that you will love.

Unmatched products with that unique quality that characterizes us, because in Carla Sade excellence is the hallmark of our brand.

Buying in bulk and its benefits

comprar al por mayor
comprar al por mayor

Buying in bulk and its benefits

When we decide to start a business, many of us think about the starting point and we ask ourselves this question: Where to start? In addition many times we question ourselves on the decisions we must make for such a project to work out, if you have decided to start selling handbags or shoes, this is your ideal place because buying wholesale can be a feasible option for your business.

Leather handbags manufactured in Spain are highly recognized worldwide.

Ubrique is recognized for its leather goods work and has great professionals and craftsmen who carry a culture that goes from tanning to the manufacture and manufacture of products made of leather.

Part of big brands, there are many haute couture designers who leave their projects in our hands.

But also in Carla Sade we specialize in the manufacture of our own line of products, bags, luggage and footwear which you can buy wholesale or retail.

The wholesale purchase of our products are undoubtedly an excellent bet, because we offer a wide variety of models and designs made with precision, taking care of every detail.

comprar al por mayor

If you are still considering too much this investment we will give you a series of advantages that you will have when buying in bulk:

1- Lower costs, that’s right, undoubtedly the value of the products changes when you decide to buy wholesale, because its price decreases significantly compared to the price that would have the same item at retail, which is why it is ideal to buy wholesale when starting a business, because it allows us to perceive better profits.

2- Another great advantage of buying wholesale is that the price of your product can be more competitive, that is, by obtaining a lower price than that found in the market, you can better adjust your prices, which will help you enter a very competitive market.

3- When buying wholesale your profit margins will be much higher, because when you get the product at a good price, you can adjust it to what you want to earn (as long as it meets the parameters).

4- You will have immediate stock, this is undoubtedly a great benefit of buying wholesale, as you will see it is necessary to have a storage of our products because in this way we can offer speed to our customers once they make the purchase.

5- You save the burden of own production, no doubt having a brand involves a lot of work, if we add the production and manufacturing process, that work increases by 300% because we are not only talking about the level of marketing or sales, but a whole process that we can save by buying wholesale to other brands and just take care of selling.

6- You save time, in the business world time is something truly invaluable (in life itself in general) when buying wholesale, you will be guaranteeing a storage or reserve of products so you will not be communicating with suppliers constantly, thus saving your time.

All these benefits can help us to decide to consolidate our project.

In Carla Sade we want to be part of your ventures, being an ally in your projects.

Offering you high quality products, wholesale and at the best prices in the market, because quality is synonymous with Carla Sade.

Lightweight bags and their advantages

bolso ligero

Lightweight bags and their advantages

Bags and purses are undoubtedly an essential accessory in every closet, that essential and useful complement that allows us not only to transport our personal items but also help us to look fabulous at all times, there are in all sizes and colors, from light bags, to the largest.

There are those who say that “In fashion, what suits you” and the truth is that many of us get carried away by the comfort that some garments offer us, there are handbags for every style, from the largest and classic to the light and subtle bags, each one made for specific moments and designed for different personalities.

At least 78% of women say they cannot go a whole day without their handbag

And this garment has become an essential piece for many, not only because it allows us to carry our personal belongings, but also because it is part of our outfits.

This time we will talk a little about the advantages of carrying a lightweight bag and is that beyond being a simple garment to carry, they are really comfortable and useful.

The main advantage of lightweight bags is undoubtedly the fact of being light, which is why back or lumbar pains are avoided, thus improving our posture when walking or standing.

In addition, we must always remember that the weight of our handbag should never exceed 10% of our body weight.

Another great advantage of lightweight bags is that the cervical and trapezius muscles can maintain greater mobility.

That is why you will avoid pain and contractures caused by shoulder bags, it is also considered that the shoulder bags are the best when it comes to avoid contractures.

A great advantage of lightweight bags is that they allow you to carry your most essential belongings.

Well, you have limited space, so avoid carrying those “just in case” bags that fill our wallet causing excess weight and problems in the long run.

One aspect that I definitely consider great about lightweight bags is that for the most part, they bring a certain elegance.

Generally when we decide to carry a smaller bag, it complements our outfits without drawing too much attention, making us look stylish and edgy at all times.

Lightweight and small bags are in trend so you can find several models that you will love and also will make you look good at all times, from fanny packs to shoulder bags.

I am sure you will find the one that best suits your personality among these wallets

Being on trend you will be able to find an endless number of lightweight bags, this will allow you to get several options and have enough to combine with your entire closet.

Always keep in mind that the main advantage of using lightweight bags is that you will have less risk of suffering from tendonitis in elbows and wrists or pain in neck and shoulder.

Also, in general you will keep your muscles free of shortening and inflammation.

So remember to always protect your health, use lightweight bags that allow you to look chic without compromising the condition of your spine, arms and shoulders.

In CarlaSade we have unique models that you will love, feel unique with our bags and combine them as you wish, be unique with Carla Sade.

Bag organizer for small spaces

Bag organizers for small spaces

Women are undoubtedly handbag lovers and beyond their practical use, handbags are an important part of our accessories, being the best complement to each outfit and giving a special look to every outfit. An important aspect to keep our purses in good condition is to use a purse organizer.

These organizers are designed not only to keep our spaces in order but also to make the storage of our bags much more practical.

If you are considering getting one but think that a bag organizer would take up too much space, don’t worry, these come in different sizes and designs.

Each one different from the other helping in the task of maintaining order and care of our purses.

Accessories such as handbags and shoes, have always been those star pieces that all women love and certainly deserve an important place in our closets and dressers.

That is why handbag organizers are fundamental pieces in many homes.

They come in all sizes and colors, ideal for small or spacious closets, it all depends on the space you have.

Together or in pieces, bag organizers are undoubtedly versatile designs that have made life easier for many of us.

organizador de bolsos

Short on space and don't know what suits you?

Here we will give you a small summary of what you can get in the market for quite affordable prices.

Handbag hangers are undoubtedly one of the best options you can find among bag organizers.

Practical, lightweight and with a small size, they are great for those small closets that do not have much space.

The hangers for handbags are undoubtedly one of the favorites of many and is that in addition, its design allows us to save our wallets in the closet without having a whole shelf where to put them, it is also the organizers of cheaper bags that you can find in the market, its price is between 15 € and 24.50 €.

organizador de bolsos

Another star product among bag organizers is the vertical door organizer

This product consists of a strip made of resistant textile material and several strips that hold the bags and open and close with Velcro.

It is a very practical and lightweight product, but the best thing is that it can be attached to the inside or outside of the closet, depending on how you want to organize it.

That is why it is undoubtedly the favorite bag organizer for many, the best thing is that its price is quite low, starting even from 11 €.

The Maxi organizers are undoubtedly one of my favorite bag organizers, they consist of a piece made of textile material containing various compartments that allow you to store up to 10 bags and the best thing is that it does not exceed 20€, even we can find offers of these on Amazon for only 19.99€.

If you have little space and too many purses I am sure that this organizer for bags is made for you, the best thing is that we can hang it in any space in the room, there are even some that can fit in our closet as hangers.

There are also the classic horizontal closet hangers, which can hold up to 10 bags if desired

They are one of the most used handbag organizers, not only because they are economical but also because of how practical and lightweight they can be.

The separators for purses are also a great option if we want to organize our closet without anything being affected, this bag organizer fulfills its function within shelves, keeping the purses separated from each other.

This way they are protected from dust, and they are also an excellent way to save time because it allows us to see each of our bags and quickly choose the one we want to use that day.

In Carla Sade we want to offer you the best ideas to organize your bags and keep them in the best possible way, we make unique pieces that will make every outfit, something incredible.

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Leather machines: useful and practical

maquina de coser para piel

Leather machines: useful and practical

Nowadays leather machines are suitable for many different types of textiles, however, when you want to work with a specific material such as this, it is advisable to look for a special machine for it because the machines for working leather have a different power than the conventional ones.

So before buying any leather goods sewing machine, think about what kind of leather you are going to sew, maybe a standard machine with the appropriate accessories will work for you.

We know that tasks such as threading leather sewing machines can be somewhat complex, so you have to do it carefully.

On the other hand, you need need needles and threads different from those used in a conventional machine, because if you think of using the common ones, you will soon see how the leather frays and the seams fall out.

If you have worked with leather you know that it is a rather thick material and somewhat difficult to handle, but don’t worry, you can choose a good sewing machine for leather goods and get to work.

maquina para cuero

With the simple tips we will give you and a little practice you can become an excellent professional leatherworker:

Choose the right needles for leather sewing machines: When sewing, it is very important that you use the right needle for leather.

These differ from the usual ones in that they are thicker and less elastic, their eyelet is larger because the threads are more voluminous, they also have a sharp point to better penetrate the material.

These needles are harder and more resistant because they must pierce the leather correctly, it is very simple, you must use a needle that corresponds to the fabric or in this case to the leather.

It is recommended that they have a thickness of between 80 and 100 (European nomenclature), of course, we must go testing with different measures because as you know all leathers are not equal.

Select the thread well: You must be very careful when choosing the thread, it must be more resistant than the normal one, usually for sewing leather the waxed thread is used over 1 mm thick.

Do not use pins: If you go through it or mark it (depending on the type of leather) you may not be able to hide it or rectify it, so it is best to use a clamp to fix the material.

You should apply a little talcum powder so that the material slides better (please do not exaggerate).

We recommend you to practice before you start, use some piece of leather that you have at home.

It is important that you start with something simple: as in all projects in which you are a novice, it is convenient that you start little by little until you master the technique and become an expert in leather.

Start with simple designs, a belt or a wallet, in fact, you can make the design you like in another type of fabric and then replicate it in leather.

It is essential that you use a special presser foot for sewing leather.

After you have the experience and mastered the techniques, you can think about an industrial leather sewing machine

There are different brands of leather sewing machines on the market that guarantee automatic threading, different types of stitches (straight, decorative zigzag), height adjustable presser foot, powerful motors, free arm design, safety stitches, and they are also very quiet machines, among many other benefits.

You should also know that in addition to the leather sewing machines, there is also a leather trimmer, which will make your work much easier and more efficient.

maquinas para trabajar cuero

Leather roughing machine

This machine was created to provide answers to shoe and leather goods manufacturers in general.

The function of this machine is to reduce the caliber of the leather.

It makes several types of trimming such as: piping, pieces for folding, for assemblies, flat trimming.

It is important for the manufacturer because any cut piece can be passed through it, for the production of different types of leather articles.

The products obtained have a very good finish and are of great quality, besides being aesthetically well presented.

Items such as bags and accessories that we offer in Carla Sade, products handmade by expert craftsmen who take the utmost care of the quality and finish of our collections.

At Carla Sade we create fashion expressed in modern designs but equally functional for everyday use.

Our bags stand out for the perfect details in their finish, and for their softness to the touch.

In Carla Sade we do not only manufacture craftsmanship, we manufacture illusion.

Do not hesitate, visit our catalog and enjoy choosing great bags that will make you feel and look beautiful and elegant, because a leather bag can make a difference in any occasion.